About Web3Nest

Web3 Nest, learning about and interacting with Web3 projects and ecosystems becomes easy through optimized modes. It provides strong tools and resources that will make users learn, discover, categorize, and interact with the Web3 ecosystem in comfort. Web3 Nest stands at the convergence of collaboration and novelty. Ensuring an easy access of the desired Web3 platform to the community, while giving due exposure to the Web3 projects.

Our Team
Unveiling Our Collective Contribution

Our team thrives on collaboration, where every member's unique contribution intertwines to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Together, we drive innovation, overcome challenges, and achieve remarkable results.

In the intricate web of our endeavors, our team stands as a beacon of collaboration and unity. Each member brings their expertise and passion to the table, fueling our collective journey towards success. Together, we navigate challenges, celebrate victories, and innovate beyond boundaries. Our combined efforts resonate with synergy, driving us towards shared goals and aspirations.


Sainath Survase

Founder & CEO


Akshay Kedar

Creative Head


Prajkta Navlakhe



Rinka Vishwakarm

Soical Media Manager

Connect with a thriving community of Web3 enthusiasts.

Web3Nest is a platform that brings together diverse Web3 projects and helps the community get benefits from the largest repository of the projects. The community gets to interact with their favorite project while Web3 projects get more visibility and exposure to a thriving community of Web3 enthusiasts. Users can explore, learn about, and engage with any project from any blockchain network. Web3Nest envisions becoming the nest of the Web3 ecosystems and contributing to their growth and development while providing value to all users. Whether as creators, developers, enthusiasts, or investors, users play a vital role in driving innovation, collaboration, and positive impact within the decentralized landscape.