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AlphaOrBeta is a Web3 polling and prediction platform that revolutionizes online engagement by transforming it into a rewarding, money-making experience. Users can earn ETH and airdrops by sharing opinions or making predictions.





What is AlphaOrBeta?

AlphaOrBeta introduces a novel concept in the realm of social media and online interactions, where every poll pays. This platform is designed to address the common issue of online contributions being undervalued by providing tangible rewards for participation. It leverages the power of blockchain to offer a secure and transparent environment where users' opinions and predictions are not only heard but also financially rewarded.

Key Features:

Earn ETH and Airdrops: Participants can earn Ethereum and airdrops by engaging in polls, making it a lucrative platform for active users.

Create and Participate in Polls: Users can create engaging polls on various topics or participate in existing ones, with the opportunity to earn a cut of the winnings as a poll creator.

Bonding Curve Rewards: Early participants in polls benefit from a bonding curve, rewarding early votes with greater potential earnings.

Play with abETH or Real ETH: New users can start with abETH to get accustomed to the platform before switching to real ETH for actual earnings.

Inclusive Earning Opportunities: Both sides of a poll (Alpha and Beta) have the chance to win, with the Alpha side earning ETH and the Beta side earning airdrops of the platform's native token.



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