Account Abstraction (Web3 Login SDK)


Biconomy is a cutting-edge Web3 developer and transaction infrastructure platform that simplifies the web3 experience for end users by leveraging Account Abstraction (ERC-4337) and other innovative solutions to streamline blockchain transactions and enhance user experience.



BNB Smart Chain





Polygon zkEVM



What is Biconomy?

Biconomy sets a new standard in the blockchain space by offering a full-stack account abstraction solution that significantly simplifies the process of executing blockchain transactions. This platform is designed to help developers create more user-friendly dApps by abstracting away the complexities typically associated with blockchain interactions.

Key Features:

Full Stack Account Abstraction: Biconomy introduces various modules like Session Keys, Social Login, Batched Transactions, and Passkey to facilitate seamless user interactions with blockchain applications.

Paymasters as a Service: This feature allows dApp developers to sponsor gas fees or enable gas payments in any token, abstracting gas complexities for users.

Bundlers as a Service: Biconomy enables the execution of ERC4337 transactions at scale with high gas efficiency, optimizing the transaction process.

Simplified User Journey: By batching multiple transactions into a single click and offering easy onboarding with smart account modules, Biconomy ensures a frictionless experience for users.

Plug & Play with Programmable Modules: Developers can access a growing catalogue of pre-built and custom modules to tailor the user experience according to their specific use case.



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