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BlockSync offers a seamless solution for syncing blockchain contracts to an SQL database instantly, enabling easy query runs and data access via APIs. It supports the creation of derived tables through a powerful ETL model, facilitating the development of next-gen Web3 applications without the complexity of handling nodes.



BNB Smart Chain


What is BlockSync?


Instant Blockchain to SQL Syncing: BlockSync provides an innovative solution that allows for the immediate synchronization of blockchain contracts with an SQL database, streamlining data management and accessibility.

Seamless Query Execution: With data readily available in SQL format, users can effortlessly run queries, making it easier to analyze blockchain data and derive insights.

API Access to Data: The platform offers API access to the synchronized data, enabling developers to integrate blockchain data into their applications seamlessly.

Powerful ETL Model: BlockSync employs a robust ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) model that simplifies the creation of derived tables, enhancing data analysis and application development processes.

Node Management Simplification: By abstracting the complexities associated with direct blockchain node interaction, BlockSync allows developers to focus on building sophisticated Web3 applications without the technical overhead.



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