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CryptoZombies is a leading interactive learning platform designed to teach blockchain programming and Solidity through building a fun game with zombies. It's recognized as the most popular Solidity tutorial, helping users master Ethereum blockchain development.



BNB Smart Chain



What is CryptoZombies?

CryptoZombies has established itself as the largest education platform for blockchain development, with over 400,000 registered users and a track record of 4+ years. It was the pioneering tutorial for NFTs on the internet and continues to be highly relevant for new web3 developers. The curriculum primarily focuses on Ethereum and Solidity development, with growing demand for content on other chains like Binance and TRON.

Key Features:

Interactive Coding Lessons: Offers step-by-step lessons that guide users from the basics of Solidity to creating their own blockchain-based game.

Build a Zombie Army: Upon completing the lessons and deploying the DApp, users can pit their zombie army against others in one of the first blockchain-based games.

Metaverse Integration: Plans to expand the course format to a live, engaging format hosted in the Metaverse, allowing for live coding events and interaction with instructors and peers.

Token and NFT Rewards: Introduces a "Play to Earn" strategy with CZ tokens and NFT rewards to incentivize course completion and community interaction.



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