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PREMINT is a comprehensive web3 allowlist platform that enables NFT artists, communities, brands, and celebrities to create and manage allowlists for their NFT projects, streamlining the process for both creators and collectors.



What is PREMINT?

PREMINT has established itself as a pivotal tool in the NFT ecosystem, offering a robust solution for managing allowlists for NFT drops. It caters to a wide range of users, from the world's leading NFT artists and communities to globally recognized brands and celebrities. The platform simplifies the creation and management of allowlists, ensuring that NFT drops are accessible to genuine collectors and not bots, thereby reducing gas wars and enhancing the overall fairness of the distribution process.

Key Features and Benefits:

Extensive Use: Over 38,153 projects have successfully managed their access lists through PREMINT, with more than 65,743,392 registrations and over 4,993,165 collectors connected.

Security and Safety: PREMINT prioritizes user security, requiring only wallet address validation for participation without granting transaction permissions.

Ease of Use: For creators, PREMINT offers customizable eligibility requirements for allowlist participation. Collectors benefit from an intuitive process to gain exclusive access to NFT drops.

Notable Users: The platform boasts an impressive roster of users, including top NFT artists like XCOPY and Takashi Murakami, communities such as Moonbirds and CoolCats, and brands like GUCCI and Universal Music Group.



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