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Thirdweb is a comprehensive web3 development platform that equips developers with the tools needed to build, deploy, and scale applications on any EVM-compatible chain. It simplifies the web3 development process with a suite of SDKs, audited smart contracts, and developer tools.

RainbowKit is a developer-focused toolkit designed to offer a fast, easy, and highly customizable way to integrate wallet connectivity into web3 applications. It simplifies the process of adding a wallet experience, allowing developers to concentrate on creating exceptional products and communities.

Tonkeeper is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet for The Open Network, enabling users to securely store, send, and receive Toncoin with high transaction speed and low fees.


Tonhub is a secure and user-friendly mobile wallet designed for managing Toncoin with instant transactions, high security, and no hidden fees.


MetaMask is a leading self-custodial wallet providing secure and straightforward access to DeFi, Web3 apps, and NFTs across browsers and mobile devices.

Rainbow is a vibrant and powerful crypto wallet app that enables users to securely manage their Ethereum assets and explore NFTs, all from a single, user-friendly platform.

Rabby is a blockchain wallet that offers a seamless and secure experience for managing digital assets and interacting with DeFi platforms.


Phantom is a versatile crypto and NFT wallet that supports Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon networks, offering secure, self-custodial management of digital assets with easy integration into the Web3 ecosystem.


Kraken is a leading cryptocurrency exchange offering a wide range of services, including trading, staking, and futures, with a strong emphasis on security and customer support.

Backpack is an open-source crypto wallet for Solana and Ethereum, designed for power users who engage in DeFi, gaming, and NFTs, offering features like custom RPC settings and no KYC requirements.

OKX Web3 Wallet offers a secure and efficient platform for managing cryptocurrencies and interacting with decentralized applications on various blockchain networks.

Coinbase Wallet is a self-custodial crypto wallet that provides complete control over your cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and interaction with decentralized apps across various blockchain networks.

Taho is a community-owned and operated Web3 wallet that offers a user-friendly platform for managing cryptocurrencies, DeFi interactions, and NFT collections, emphasizing affordability and open-source transparency.

Zerion is a comprehensive crypto wallet for managing NFTs and DeFi, offering robust portfolio tracking across multiple blockchain networks.

Solflare is a versatile Solana blockchain wallet, offering secure and efficient management of digital assets, NFTs, and DeFi interactions from both web and mobile platforms.


Sequence offers a suite of wallet solutions, including the embedded Wallet as a Service (WaaS), designed to streamline the onboarding and integration process for game developers and Web3 applications.

BlockWallet is a secure, self-custodial Web3 wallet that prioritizes privacy and control, allowing users to manage cryptocurrencies without compromising personal data.

Enkrypt is a multi-chain wallet designed for Ethereum, Polkadot, and Bitcoin, offering a seamless interface for managing digital assets and interacting with blockchain networks.

Obvious is a community-driven, self-custodial Web3 wallet that streamlines user interaction with cryptocurrencies across multiple EVM networks, offering seamless integration for app developers and users alike.

AlphaWallet is an open-source, self-custodial Web3 wallet tailored for mobile users, supporting Ethereum and various ERC tokens. It's designed to provide a secure and seamless user experience with advanced features for token interactions.


imToken is a versatile non-custodial digital wallet that supports multiple blockchain networks, providing secure and intuitive management of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

TokenPocket is a versatile and secure multi-chain crypto wallet supporting a wide range of cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks, designed for efficient asset management and seamless DeFi interactions.

Multis is a crypto business wallet designed to simplify and secure cryptocurrency operations for companies, supporting payments in crypto and USD and automating accounting across multiple wallets.


Coin98 Finance is an all-in-one DeFi platform that offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance user interaction with decentralized finance, including a multi-chain wallet, a token swap service, and yield farming opportunities.

Frontier is a non-custodial multi-chain wallet that enhances Web3 interactions, enabling users to manage crypto, DeFi, and NFTs efficiently across 65+ blockchains and numerous decentralized apps.

Dapp Pocket is a versatile crypto wallet app designed for engaging with Dapps and DeFi on mobile devices, supporting Ethereum and TRON blockchains.


Ronin Wallet is a user-friendly digital wallet designed specifically for the Ronin blockchain, facilitating the management of digital assets, including NFTs and cryptocurrency.


Trust Wallet is a leading multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet that enables users to manage their digital assets, access DeFi applications, and safely explore the Web3 ecosystem.

Marble Wallet is a next-generation, community-operated Web3 wallet that provides a fast, simple, and secure method for users to access cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications.

XDEFI Wallet is a non-custodial, multichain DeFi wallet that enables users to store, swap, and manage their crypto and NFTs across over 200 blockchains directly from a browser extension.