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Bebop is a cutting-edge trading application and API suite designed to optimize cryptocurrency trading by finding the best routes for trades, ensuring quick, secure transactions across any tokens and sizes at the most favorable prices.

CoinStats is a comprehensive cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app that allows users to sync and manage their crypto investments across multiple exchanges and wallets from a single platform. It supports tracking for over 8,000 coins and 300+ exchanges.

Parsec Finance is a professional analytics platform tailored for the on-chain markets, catering specifically to DeFi and NFT traders. It aims to offer comprehensive insights and tools for market analysis.

DexScreener is a comprehensive analytics platform designed for decentralized exchanges (DEXs), offering real-time data on liquidity pools, token prices, trading volumes, and more across various blockchain networks.

COIN360 is an interactive cryptocurrency heatmap platform that provides real-time data on cryptocurrency prices, market capitalizations, and trading volumes, offering users a comprehensive overview of the crypto market dynamics.


OpenOcean is a pioneering aggregator that combines liquidity from both decentralized (DeFi) and centralized (CeFi) exchanges, aiming to provide users with the best possible trading prices, minimal slippage, and optimized trading routes across various blockchain networks.

GeckoTerminal is a platform designed to provide comprehensive analytics and trading data for the cryptocurrency market. It likely serves as a terminal for users to access real-time data, charts, and insights across various blockchain networks and trading platforms.

Toaster Finance is a DeFi platform that simplifies the investment process by offering an all-in-one solution for swapping, bridging, and investing across multiple chains and protocols. It aims to provide the easiest and fastest way for users to engage with DeFi products.

Blocknative is a platform that specializes in real-time blockchain observability, offering insights into transaction states across various public blockchain networks to improve the understanding and management of on-chain activities.


CoinMarketCap is the leading cryptocurrency market tracking website, offering real-time data on prices, market cap, volume, and supply for over 6,000 cryptocurrencies. It's a comprehensive platform for traders and investors to analyze market trends and make informed decisions.

dYdX is a leading Decentralized Exchange (DEX) offering advanced perpetual trading with leverage for various cryptocurrencies.


Jupiter is a leading Solana-based DEX aggregator, offering users efficient and cost-effective token swaps across various DeFi protocols.


Orderly Network is an omnichain (supports multiple blockchains) infrastructure solution offering robust orderbook-based spot and perpetual futures trading for DeFi users. It emphasizes professional trading features and deep liquidity. is a free platform that curates and verifies real, valuable crypto airdrops, helping users discover opportunities to earn free tokens from various blockchain projects.

AirdropAlert is a comprehensive platform designed to keep users informed about crypto airdrops, giveaways, and other earning opportunities within the blockchain space.

DappRadar is a world-leading blockchain explorer and dApp store, providing users with comprehensive data and insights into the decentralized application (dApp) ecosystem across multiple blockchains.

Bankless is a platform that helps users discover and claim unclaimed airdrops and NFTs, potentially increasing their cryptocurrency holdings without additional investment.

AirdropsMob is a platform that helps users discover crypto airdrops, which are token distributions offered by blockchain projects.

FreeAirdrop is a user-friendly platform designed to help you discover and claim valuable crypto airdrops offered by various blockchain projects. It's particularly convenient for mobile users with its dedicated app.


AirdropBob is a platform listing crypto airdrops and offering educational resources about blockchain technology and airdrops specifically.

Airdrop King is a platform designed to help users discover and claim free crypto airdrops. It offers educational resources and tutorials, along with a mobile-friendly experience.


Crypto Bubbles offers an interactive way to explore the cryptocurrency market through a customizable bubble chart. Users can gain insights into market trends, identify prominent players, and compare different crypto projects at a glance.

Carbon DeFi is a decentralized protocol built on Ethereum that empowers users to automate their crypto trading strategies. It offers a user-friendly platform for creating custom limit and range orders, enabling users to capitalize on market movements without constant monitoring.


ParaSwap is a leading DeFi (Decentralized Finance) aggregator that empowers users with secure and efficient token swaps across various blockchains. It integrates with numerous DEXes (decentralized exchanges) and lending protocols to find the best possible rates and optimize your trades.

Storm Trade is a decentralized leveraged trading platform accessible directly through Telegram. It allows users to trade various assets, including cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and forex, with leverage for magnified returns.


Coin98 Finance is an all-in-one DeFi platform that offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance user interaction with decentralized finance, including a multi-chain wallet, a token swap service, and yield farming opportunities.

Alfa1 is a professional digital asset manager designed to provide advanced trading tools and strategies for cryptocurrency traders and institutional investors.

Holdstation is an Account Abstraction (AA) wallet specifically designed to enhance futures trading on blockchain platforms, offering a streamlined and secure interface for traders.

Bitget Wallet is a cutting-edge Web3 trading wallet designed for fast and efficient crypto trading, offering robust features for instant coin-to-coin exchanges, futures trading, and access to a dynamic multi-chain ecosystem.