Web3 Security Tools


Harpie is an on-chain firewall designed to protect digital assets in real-time by offering always-on theft protection. It integrates seamlessly with web3 wallets to safeguard against the most advanced and rampant cryptocrimes.



What is Harpie?

Harpie provides a comprehensive security solution for web3 users, leveraging enterprise-grade wallet infrastructure and the innovative Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology. This platform is dedicated to eliminating web3 vulnerabilities by defending users against a wide array of attacks, thus neutralizing 99.9% of cryptocrimes. Harpie's approach to security ensures that users can engage in transactions with peace of mind, knowing their digital assets are protected.

Key Features:

Real-Time Theft Protection: Offers always-on protection to keep digital assets safe from unauthorized access and theft.

Wallet Security Audit: Allows users to run a wallet security audit to identify potential vulnerabilities and the likelihood of asset loss.

Comprehensive Defense Mechanisms: Defends against a broad spectrum of cryptocrimes, including the most sophisticated attacks.

Urgent Email Updates: Provides urgent updates on new vulnerabilities found in the user's wallet, leveraging the largest and most up-to-date malicious address database.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Ensures protection across all devices, wallets, and browsers, delivering a world-class experience with customizable modals and deep web3 integrations.



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